Canadian Wine Subscription

Unique and Small Batch Wines Locally Sourced from Ontario Wineries.

The Best Wine Subscription in Ontario

How Our Wine Club Works

Each box contains several Ontario wineries.

You may learn about new and established Ontario vineyards by accessing Wine Club Canada network of excellent, nearby wineries. Each package includes wines from different vineyards.

Quarterly and Bi-Monthly Delivery

Get your wine subscription box at times that are convenient for you. For example, Kwai lets you learn about three wines from various local vineyards every other month or six different wines every three months.

Small batches, VQA, and exclusive choices

You’ll get the chance to sample top-notch VQA wines, sip on beverages from budding small-batch wineries, and have access to premium brands that you otherwise may not find.

Our Promise

What to Expect

Both specific membership plans include tasting notes, meal pairings, vineyard background information, and more!

Bi-Monthly Wine Subscription

Every other month, three bottles of Ontario wine are sent.

Quarterly Wine Subscription

Every season, six bottles of Ontario wine are sent.

Members of the wine club include:

Your wine club subscription will come every month, replete with a variety of entertaining extras and, of course, beautiful wines. We carefully analyze every detail to ensure that your membership is nothing short of amazing.

To learn more about what’s within the box, continue reading:


Enjoy distinctive bottles of bold reds or crisp whites with every box, depending on your preference. Each bottle is carefully chosen from some of the top vineyards across the globe. We offer the finest of the best, whether you’re looking for an Australian Shiraz or a Californian Zinfandel.


We outline the fundamental guidelines for pairing the Wine with the grub. In addition, a food pairing guide is included in every box sent as part of the subscription so that you may stock up on snacks before enjoying your wines.


We believe that the most acceptable present type is one that goes on giving, which is what our membership is! Therefore, every membership meant to be a gift is eligible for a free customized greeting card!


The cost of our Wine of the Month Club’s monthly subscriptions includes shipping to most locations in Canada. To guarantee that your subscription will be a surprise and regularly arrive simultaneously, each month’s offers are sent on the first Monday. Please contact us or visit our shipping page for further details.